Top 5 Under 5

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Top 5 Under 5 recognizes five outstanding women with under five years of experience in Public Safety. These individuals have started their careers with such passion and enthusiasm that they are already recognized by their peers as trailblazers, leaders and influencers.

These amazing women have used their talent to improve a situation encountered by their Public Safety Organization, with notable results.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Employee or volunteer of a Public Safety Organization in Alberta.
  • Have been employed by a Public Safety organization for less than 5 years.
  • Must be nominated by a peer, co-worker of the same rank, or immediate supervisor.


Nomination Process:

  • Nominations must be submitted to AWIPS by before the deadline each year.
  • Complete and submit the Nomination Form from the AWIPS website.
  • Support material such as videos, CDs and promotional material will also be considered. Please make reference to them in the nomination form and arrangements will be made for submission.

Selection Process:

  • AWIPS Board will submit the nominations received to the Selection Committee
  • The Selection Committee consists of members of AWIPS
  • Once a winning submission is chosen by the Selection Committee, the winning nominee(s)’ chief of police or senior executive-in-charge will be contacted, and an invitation will be sent to the winning nominee(s) with details about the award ceremony.

Scoring Rubric:

  • Nominations will be scored on the rubric and a score out of a total of 20 marks will be given based upon 5 criteria.