Mentorship Program

AWIPS goal is to create an inclusive culture that supports growth and development of women in Alberta’s public safety community. We do this by fostering a vision of advancing women leaders in Alberta’s public safety community. We know we are stronger together and in order to do this we as women in Public Security must support, connect and mentor other women. Mentorship is key.

AWIPS believes that leadership is best learnt through direct experience, and mentorship opportunities are vital to leadership growth and development. Effective and meaningful mentorship, however, can not be a one directional relationship but rather provides an equal learning and collaborative partnership for both the mentor and mentee. We see mentorship as an opportunity for the mentor and mentee to gain knowledge, expand networks, and develop leadership skills.

In developing the inaugural AWIPS Mentorship Program, we are taking proactive and purposeful steps to directly support AWIPS members. The AWIPS Mentorship Program is an in-house solution developed by a small group of dedicated members through their contribution of lived experience, personal journey of leadership growth and development, commitment, and dedication to AWIPS goals.

In its first year, the AWIPS Mentorship Program will be offered as a pilot for nine months in duration. Interested mentors and mentees will be provided a package with an application to express their interest to become a participant in the program. The AWIPS Mentorship Committee will review the applications and select a pool of mentor and mentee participants.

As a matched pair of mentor and mentee, the AWIPS Mentorship Program will ask that each pair begins their mentorship journey by selecting one of the two streams of outcomes to focus their work. The two streams of outcomes are:

    1. Focus on Leadership Competencies, or
    2. Focus on Career Management and Advancement.

Focus on Leadership Competencies

  • Strategies on how to navigate difficult situations in your current role
  • Strategies on how to develop a supportive environment
  • Strategies on developing resilience through personal care and wellness
  • Strategies to improve job performance and self-reflection of past experiences

Focus on Career Management and Advancement

  • Defining career goals, developing your resilience, and honing your skills, which may include: Resume building, Interview prep, networking skills, etc.
  • Strategies for transitioning through meaningful dialogue
  • Focusing on strengths
  • Setting individuals up for success, including succession planning, job shadowing, strategies for training and developmental opportunities

The first AWIPS Mentorship Program will offer training and workshops focused on leadership skills exclusively to the participating mentors and mentees. At the completion of the Program, AWIPS Mentorship Committee will work with the participants to wrap up their individual and collective experience through reflection, discussion, and feedback.

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