Deb Jolly Leadership Award

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Superintendent Deb Jolly was a longtime member of AWIPS, joining the group shortly after its inception. Superintendent Jolly was a 30-year member of the Edmonton Police Service and was a woman of great accomplishment. Despite those numerous accomplishments, her great humility led her to always insist that any communication not include reference to her title, position, or accomplishments. “Deb” as her friends called her, was particularly passionate about her work with United Nations peacekeeping missions, and her work with the team in the Sexual Assault Section to reduce stereotypes that disadvantage sexual assault victims. Superintendent Jolly passed away on Friday, May 15, 2020 after a short battle with cancer.

This award is intended to highlight the excellence in leadership that Superintendent Jolly exemplified and that exists among the women in public safety in Alberta.


It will be awarded to any woman (or someone identifying as a woman) in public safety (sworn or civilian) in Alberta who has distinguished themselves by demonstrating ongoing excellence in leadership in public safety. The recipient will not only have demonstrated leadership in public safety, but will have contributed significantly to the advancement of women in the field.

The award recipient should demonstrate the following award criteria:


  • Is widely recognized for their expertise and actively works to empower others.
  • Leads by example and motivates members of their team, organization, or industry.
  • Acts as a mentor, advisor, and teacher, to make a positive impact on members of their organization or the profession.


  • Has demonstrated significant investment and engagement with community leaders to improve relationships.
  • Uses community involvement to advance public safety as a career option, with a goal of increasing diversity in public safety in Alberta.

Courage and Resiliency

Demonstrates courage and resilience, overcoming obstacles, in pursuit of better outcomes.

Advocacy for women

  • Actively contributes to the advancement and development of women either inside or outside their own organization.
  • Publicly celebrates the work and accomplishments of noted and distinguished female leaders.
  • Leads by example; promoting and broadcasting the need to continuously support and advocate for female leadership.
  • Actively uses their own position of influence to encourage the promotion, hiring, and development of strong female talent.
  • Actively encourages debate about the importance of gender diversity in the boardroom and at the executive level.
  • Is a strong role model for female empowerment and takes every opportunity to challenge the status quo as it relates to gender equity.


Has high integrity and sets high professional standards for ethics and quality of work.

Eligibility Criteria

Sworn or civilian member of a public safety agency in Alberta that identifies as female.


Nomination Process:

  • Nominations must be submitted to AWIPS by before the deadline each year.
  • Complete and submit the Nomination Form from the AWIPS website.
  • Support material such as videos, CDs and promotional material will also be considered. Please make reference to them in the nomination form and arrangements will be made for submission.

Selection Process:

  • AWIPS Board will submit the nominations received to the Selection Committee
  • The Selection Committee consists of members of AWIPS
  • Once a winning submission is chosen by the Selection Committee, the winning nominee(s)’ chief of police or senior executive-in-charge will be contacted, and an invitation will be sent to the winning nominee(s) with details about the award ceremony.

Scoring Rubric:

  • Nominations will be scored on the rubric and a score out of a total of 20 marks will be given based upon 5 criteria.