This award is to highlight an individual in public safety in Alberta who has demonstrated significant support for AWIPS and for advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in public safety.  They are someone who has demonstrated a willingness to step outside their own comfort zone and support diversity and the inclusion of groups and organizations to which they are not obvious members or beneficiaries.  They support diversity efforts that benefit all members of public safety and the communities they serve, and actively work to advance the issues of diverse groups.  Award criteria includes:


Leadership in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI):

  • Acts as a role model in championing issues related to equity.
  • Creates an inclusive culture by challenging inequalities, barriers, and bias. in the application of human resource management policies and practices such as recruitment, talent management, performance management, professional development, and promotion.
  • Takes steps to create an environment free of incidents of bullying, harassment or discrimination against employees.


  • Is widely recognized for their expertise and/or commitment to EDI.
  • Actively works to help others develop skills in understanding and addressing inequalities, barriers, and biases in their workplace and communities.
  • Leads by example and motivates members of their team, organization, or industry to seek a greater understanding of EDI principles and issues.
  • Acts as a mentor to others to help them understand the impacts of inequalities, barriers and biases on their workplace and on employees.

Commitment to EDI:

  • Demonstrates a long-time and ongoing commitment to advancing the issues of diverse employees in their workplace.
  • Has actively taken steps to address the issues facing diverse employees and been an advocate for those groups most impacted by EDI issues.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Sworn or civilian member of a public safety agency in Alberta